i haven’t posted any art in the last 6 months cuz i barely had any time for art :(( so here’s some sketchbook stuff

also here’s a quick sketch of the teacher from klk for tumblr user scribbledstar because she was really sweet and patient when i took a long time for a commission haha :)

some commissions i did at aod! i had fun doing them haha

HEY Y’ALL!!!! ME AND MY BUD RUI ARE GOING TO BE AT AOD IN SF THIS WEEKEND!!!! (this is our first con pls be gentle with us !!!) hmu if ur going we’ll be selling prints, buttons, and commissions!!! yeehaw

wow i…. didnt improve at all LOL

i made meduka buttons…. scuttles away

Also!! This is a bit late but here are some of the Christmas cards I made for my friends lol

yeah ccs is still prob the best magical girl ok bye